3KVA single phase voltage regulator
3KVA single phase voltage regulator-1

3KVA single phase voltage regulator

 Products Features:
1. Authentic zero-crossing technology 
2.Taylor-made C.R.G.O. transformer 
3.High performance and hign speed MCU control 
4.Independent SMT processing technology 
5.Full function graphic LED display 
Series 型号 DSE   140v-260v~ DSE-3000 DSE-5000
DTE  100v-260v~ DTE-3000 DTE-5000
DUE  80v-260v~ DUE-3000 DUE-5000
  Rated Capacity 额定容量 3000VA 5000VA
  Phase 相数 Single phase  单相
  Transformer 变压器 C.R.G.O. toroidal transformer 环形变压器
  Indicator 显示 LED Digital  LED彩屏显示
  Display Status 显示状态  working / delaying / unusual  工作/延时/异常
  Output 输出 Frequency 频率 50/60 Hz
Voltage 电压 110/120/220/230/240 Vac optional可选
Precision 精度 ±8%~±10%
  Protection 保护功能 overload / high temperature / high voltage / low voltage / short circuit
  Delay Function 延时功能 delay / un-delay (180/6 seconds selectable)
延时/不延时 180s/60s可选)
  Efficiency  效率 98%
  Cooling System 散热系统 Smart cooling for 3000Va and above 3KVA以上智能散热
Operating Temperature 运行温度 0 - 40 ℃
Relative Humidity 相关湿度 10%~102% RH, non-condensing不凝露
Storage Temperature 储存温度 ﹣15 - 45 ℃
Size (Max. mm)  尺寸 240x227x100
N.W. (kg)  DSE  净重 4.56 5.9
N.W. (kg) DTE  净重 4.8 6.25
N.W. (kg)  DUE 净重 5.35 6.91
Qty/Ctn 4
Carton Size (mm)  尺寸 290x290x15
Carton G.W. (kg)  DSE  毛重 4.91 6.25
Carton G.W. (kg)  DTE  毛重 5.15 6.60
Carton G.W. (kg) DUE  毛重 5.70 7.26

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