500W Solar Power System
500W Solar Power System-1

500W Solar Power System

1. Pure sine wave inverter with C.R.G.O. transformer, lower static loss;

2. With solar and AC charger together;

3. Three stage intelligent Automatic Charging Technology to protect battery;

4. High efficient DC to AC conversion, minimizing energy loss;

5. Overload, short circuit protection, overcharging, over-discharging protection;

6. The system working days is based on 8 hours strong sunshine

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500W Solar Power System technical data
System Capacity  500W                 
System voltage 12Vdc
Best output power everyday 1800WH*
Inverter Output wave Pure Sine Wave
Rated power 500W
Output voltage AC220V
Output frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Input voltage range 140V-275Vac
Output voltage range 195V-240Vac
Charge current 10A
Solar charger controller Rated working voltage 12V
Rated charge current 30A(max.)
PV input range 15V-50Vdc
Solar panel Pmax 150W
 Vimp 18.72V
 Imp 8.01A
Battery  (Battery) capacity 12V/100Ah
 (Battery) type Maintenance-free lead acid
Componets Specification QTY
Solar Panel 150W 2PCS
Battery 12V/100Ah 2PCS
Inverter 500W/12V 1PCS
Wire 5mm square, 20M 1PCS

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